Colonial Life Recognizes Customer Service Employees

Staff Report From Columbia CEO

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

Fifty-one Columbia-based employees of Colonial Life and Unum were recently recognized for superior customer service. 

The group selected for the company’s prestigious Aspire program was chosen from more than 1,200 employees in Columbia and nationwide field offices based on their commitment to excellent service, customer focus and support. 

“Extraordinary customer service is part of our culture and tradition and it’s one reason customers consistently give Colonial Life high marks on customer satisfaction surveys,” said Tim Arnold, Colonial Life president and CEO. “Our employees work hard every day to deliver on our commitment to customers and I’m proud of the great work they do. It’s a privilege to recognize Colonial Life employees who go above and beyond for our customers each day.” 

Their recognition includes participation in an elite professional development training program on customer service techniques, as well as some time for fun activities in one of America’s premier resorts. 

Honorees were announced in a “Toy Story”-themed celebration in mid-February, when senior leaders from the company dressed as characters from the hit Disney movie. Honorees included

Alyssa Gowan

Theresa Pasquinelli 

Jason Reynolds 

Cindy Aldridge 

Maria Forttini

Justin Monn

Tiffany Rufus

Georgia Simson

Emily Tomasini

Courtney Smith

Donna Chavis 

Michael Harris

Gene Carter

Ashley Lake

Katina Sparks 

Shirley Simpson

April Peterson

Melony Drye

Carl Sears

Dawn Mireles

Adriane Matos 

Chris Eaton

Priscilla Lopez

Brenda Rowe

Manuel Bujosa

Melissa McCaleb

Emily Spice Unverfehrt

Patrick Coker

Tegan Thompson

Lynette Granda 

Adryan Pikus

Al Gutierrez

Missy Kelley

Sonja Carnaggio

Dana Bagwell

Phoebe Fiesta

Paul Krouse

Kate Pursley

Mary Beth Powell

Chris Spence

Sean Maghan 

Justin Brown 

Deborah Boston 

Charlotte Rhett

Gayle Sprayberry 

Kay Price 

Zach Paul 

Nick Stevenson 

Raymond Morris

Howard Downer

Roy Hanna