ChartSpan Announces Major New Funding and Growth in the Upstate

Friday, June 16th, 2017

ChartSpan Medical Technologies is pleased to announce that it has received nearly $2 million in a second round of capital funding, primarily from original investors.

The new capital will be used to build the engineering, distribution and marketing teams at ChartSpan, which will be housed in the company’s new headquarters at the newly announced NEXT on Main facility in downtown Greenville.  Since relocating to Greenville from Texas, the company has added 17 new jobs. 

One of the most downloaded medical apps in America, ChartSpan is a technology platform empowering patients to manage their healthcare records and information easily and efficiently from their iPhone or iPad. ChartSpan converts paper healthcare records to digital data with no manual data entry and then extracts the data and populates each user’s electronic, personal database. Patients can manage their entire families’ records on their iPhone or iPad, search records based on keywords and request records from any doctor in less than 8 seconds. The Android version of the app will be released in the next few weeks.

“The growth we’re seeing is tremendous,” said Jon-Michial Carter, the CEO and cofounder of ChartSpan. “This new funding allows us to not only grow our technology and its capabilities, but also grow our presence in Greenville and we’re excited about our move to the new NEXT campus, downtown.

This second round of investment shows that our original investors still believe we’re a company worth investing in, and that speaks volumes. We wanted to change the way patients access their medical data and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We are moving the balance of patient data into the hands of consumers.  We are excited about our future in Greenville.”