Increase in Union Activity Detected Targeting the Construction Industry

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

(From Carolinas AGC) -- CAGC has detected an increase in union activity in the Carolinas targeting the construction industry.
We are encouraging all members to review their employee programs to ensure they are protected against union organizing tactics and prepared when unions approach your employees, jobsites and offices. CAGC provides members with an array of resources to help keep your company open shop and avoid labor related legal claims; including, our Open Shop/Pro Employee web page, Union Free Help Desk, Build Your Career program and access to the CAGC Human Resources Committee’s unmatched expertise on the issue.

According to Mark Stubley, Labor Attorney/Shareholder with Ogletree Deakins, “Contractors in NC and SC have recently confronted labor-front groups attempting to target their use of nonunion subcontractors. Public works contractors have also seen labor unions seek the names and personal information of employees on certified payrolls in order to target that employees for organizing and union membership.”

In addition to our in-house open shop resources, if you think your company is being probed by unions, we have a special arrangement with Mark Stubley for a free initial consultation to determine status and next steps in dealing with union organizing efforts.  If you are seeking to implement and/or improve an open shop program, contacting CAGC’s Open Shop Help Desk will get you on your way.

“We stand ready to assist members in doing all they can to prepare for union organizing tactics,” states, Allen Gray, CAGC Utility Division Director and Open Shop/Pro-Employee contact.  “With our online and in-house resources, legal counsel and HR Committee, our members have access to the most comprehensive open shop tools available that are specifically designed for the Carolinas construction industry.”

Stubley added, “North Carolina and South Carolina are both low union density areas. However, the Building Trades continue efforts to make inroads to organizing nonunion contractors and to strip nonunion contractors of their skilled employees. All of this underscores the need for CAGC members to maintain positive employee relations, train front-line supervisors, and utilize the significant resources developed.”

For nearly 100 years, CAGC has been active in successfully keeping the Carolinas construction industry open shop.  We have the resources, training programs and staff to help your company maintain a highly skilled workforce, implement an effective open shop program and cultivate a pro-employee atmosphere.

For more information contact our Open Shop help desk at, or Allen Gray, 704-372-1450, ext. 5231.